Avinext can design, develop, implement and support an IT infrastructure to keep your business environment running at its best.



Store and classify your data safely and efficiently.

As your business demands increase, you may wonder if it’s necessary to switch to a server system or to upgrade your current servers. 

IT industry statistics show that annual server maintenance needs for servers beyond three and a half years increase from 24% to 44%. Equally important, their average failure rates increase from 7% to 18%.

Our line of servers through HP will offer scalability and expandability to keep productivity maximized. Whether you’re looking to frequently update your software or need easy data access and security, we can help.

Talk with one of our Avinext representative today to learn about the many server benefits, such as…

  • Organize data easily, adapt quickly to change and improve quality of service.
  • Protect your data which ensures more uptime.
  • Offer remote access to email and files.
  • Maximize space, power and cooling.
  • Reduce your energy output/ costs and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce hardware maintenance costs.


Safeguard your business by using the best data storage available.

Daily business transactions can create a great deal of vital information and statistics.  Where does that data go at the end of the day to ensure it is secure from hackers, human error or natural disasters?

It may not be a question that’s at the forefront of your business landscape, but in reality it probably should be.  HP’s line of storage options – tape storage, disk backup storage, disk arrays and enclosures or network attached storage (NAS) systems to name a few – are designed for small-to-medium sized companies to protect and backup their data. Some of the benefits of HP’s storage include…
  • Improves flexibility and business continuity.
  • Automatically consolidates multiple servers into a single backup process.
  • Deduplicates backup data.
  • Offers security and easy retrieval.


The best offense is a good defense.

Even though you may not have experienced detrimental viruses or hackers, why chance fate?
When it comes to your company’s sensitive data, emails and client files, it’s best to be prepared.

Using the latest security options from Barracuda, Fortinet, Cisco, and Symantec, Avinext will reduce these threats and offer peace of mind that your data is safe, with proven tools such as:

  • Application protection: oversees application traffic in real time
  • Network firewalls: scans all incoming and outgoing traffic to identify and block viruses and spyware
  • Remote access control: protects branch offices or employees working remotely from intrusions
  • Protect your wireless traffic: firewalls automatically update wireless system to keep out unwanted traffic
  • Email security: blocks viruses, phishing and spam


Maximize productivity while cutting costs.

Virtualization is a viable alternative for cutting your IT department or datacenter. Through our partnership with HP and VMware, Avinext is able to offer our customers the best in server, computer or application virtualization to keep you costs down and productivity high.

  • Server virtualization   Free up space in your datacenter or office by consolidating your servers. Avinext will implement and install your OS onto a single server, thereby creating more space and reducing hardware maintenance.
  • Computer virtualization   Reduce the amount of hardware onsite by consolidating your OS onto a single machine. This not only saves on maintenance costs, but uses less energy and fosters a “green” environment.
  • Application virtualization   Have access to the latest software available. Through application virtualization, Avinext will install and register updated software for you automatically, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.


Never underestimate the behind-the-scenes technology. 

IT departments are under pressure to deliver a broader array of services, be more secure and spend less. They must to deliver applications on-demand to a wide range of users, devices and locations.  IT departments are under pressure to deliver a broader array of services, be more secure and spend less. They must to deliver applications on-demand to a wide range of users, devices and locations.

Avinext networking engineers can assist you in designing and upgrading your network to meet the demands of your organization for today and beyond. At Avinext, it’s our job to make you look good. Period! Whether you need a wireless assessment, security audit or entire network overhaul, our engineers can work with you to ensure you get the performance and functionality you need at a price you can afford.

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